The Salty Beard's

Reef & Rescue

Your animals's Best Friend

At The Salty Beards Reef & Rescue we strive to give every fish, reptile, and creepy crawly the happiest life possible. We do this by providing every creature with a happy & healthy home. No matter the size, temperament, or condition, The Salty Beards Reef and Rescue will take in your animal friend and find them the home of their dreams.

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Custom Tanks & Sumps

Have an office that could use a little pick me up or would you love to have a custom-built reef, reptile, or creepy crawly tank in your house?

A tank is the perfect way to add color, movement, and entertainment to any space. Mr. Salty will work with you to find the perfect tank to fit your budget and still be the tank you dreamed of. Please contact us any time to get started on the tank of your dreams!!!

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Cleaning & Maintenance

Love the idea of having a tank in your office or home but don't want the hassle of maintaining it?

At The Salty Beard's Reef & Rescue we offer upfront, no-haggle cleaning packages. Sail on over to see what we offer.

Rubber Gloves
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Tank Moving

Do you need a tank moved but do not want to deal with the hassle?

Look no farther!! At The Salty Beards Reef & Rescue, we will dismantle, move, and reassemble your tank for you and you can rest easy knowing that your tank is in the best hands possible. 

Fragile Box
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pet Sitting

Excited to go out of town on that vacation of yours? Who's going to watch your animals wail you're gone?

At The Salty Beard's Reef & Rescue we will watch your pet. No matter the size, type, or expert level Mr. Salty has you covered. Float on over for pricing.

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Tank Restoration & Donation

Have an old tank? 

The Salty Beards Reef & Rescue will gladly restore or move it out of your house. Mr. Salty has the tools and knowledge to bring that old tank back to its old glory. He will also move that old tank out of your house, & for free if you donate the tank to the Salty Beards Reef. Please contact Mr. Salty today to set up arrangements. 

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