At the Aquarium

What happens to the fish people can no longer care for?

At The Salty Beards Reef & Rescue, we will take in any fish for any reason.

At  The Salty Beards Reef & Rescue,

we strive to give every fish, invertebrate, and coral the happiest life possible.


We do this by

providing any saltwater creature with a happy & healthy home.


No matter the size, temperament, or condition,

The Salty Beards Reef and Rescue will take in your saltwater friend

and find them the home of their dreams.


If you have a saltwater friend that is currently in need of a new home, please contact The Salty Beards Reef & Rescue Today.


Mr. Salty needs your help!

The Salty Beards Reef & Rescue is currently located in Mr. Salty's basement

& he is quickly running out of room for all of his Saltwater friends.


With a larger location, Mr. Salty hopes to accomplish the following:

Provide a safe and happy place for any saltwater friend to go when there is nowhere else.

Have a place to educate the public about the saltwater ecosystem with hands-on classes ranging from the basics to the advanced.

Provide a dependable place for all saltwater enthusiasts to get everything they need to care for their saltwater friends.

With your help, The Salty Beards Reef & Rescue can start making these dreams a reality and hopefully so much more.

Please donate today.

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Your Fish's Best Friend

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