At the Aquarium

What happens to the fish people can no longer care for?

At The Salty Beards Reef & Rescue, we will take in any fish for any reason.

At  The Salty Beards Reef & Rescue,

we strive to give every fish, invertebrate, and coral the happiest life possible.


With over 55 different tanks and over 6000 gallons of active saltwater,

the Salty Beards Reef & Rescue can accommodate your fish, invert, & coral.


No matter the size, temperament, or condition,

The Salty Beards Reef and Rescue will take in your saltwater friend

and find it their forever home.


If you have a saltwater friend that is currently in need of a new home,

please contact The Salty Beards Reef & Rescue Today.


Mr. Salty needs your help!

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The Salty Beards Reef & Rescue is currently located in Mr. Salty's basement

& he is quickly running out of room for all of his Saltwater friends.


With a larger location, Mr. Salty hopes to accomplish the following:

Provide a safe and happy place for any saltwater friend to go when there is nowhere else.

Have a place to educate the public about the saltwater ecosystem with hands-on classes ranging from the basics to the advanced.

Provide a dependable place for all saltwater enthusiasts to get everything they need to care for their saltwater friends.

With your help, The Salty Beards Reef & Rescue can start making these dreams a reality and hopefully so much more.

Please donate today.

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