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About Fritz Carbon AP


Fritz Carbon AP is a high-quality, 4mm pelletized, activated carbon ideal for use in fresh or saltwater aquariums.

Fritz Carbon AP

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    • Professional high-quality carbon
    • Designed for use in aquatic systems
    • High adsorption capacity
    • Does not leach phosphates
    • Use 1/8 lb (approx. 1/2 cup) for every 20 gallons (78 liters) of aquarium water. The amount of carbon required may vary from system to system.

    • Monitor the clarity of water and adjust the amount of carbon if necessary.

    • For best results, replace carbon every two weeks as part of regular tank maintenance.

      To keep the carbon “active,” Carbon AP has not been pre-washed. Therefore, it is necessary to thoroughly rinse with cold water.

    • After rinsing, place carbon in a filter media bag. Place in high flow area of filter to maximize water flow through the carbon.

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